GangaSagar Mela 2021 Bus, Taxi, Rail, Ferry Fare Chart

GangaSagar Mela 2021 Bus, Taxi, Rail, Ferry Fare Chart  Bus Fare ⇒ Route Fare (in Rs.)     1. Howrah Station to Namkhana 65     2. Howrah Station to Harwood Point 65     3. Outram Ghat to Namkhana 60     4. Outram Ghat to Harwood Point 60     5. Kachuberia to Sagar 35 ⇒Mini-bus Fare     1. Chemaguri to Sagar 25 ⇒Launch … Read more

Witness Punyasnan at Gangasagar Mela 2021 with E-Snan

Ø     About Gangasagar Mela 2021 E-Snan :-   Ganga Sagar Mela “Prasad Pack” now available on online it is called E snan. You are thinking, what is e snan?   E-SNAN is an innovative approach to cater to the religious needs of millions of pilgrims during Ganga Saga. It’s organized by the West Bengal government.   … Read more

Gangasagar Mela 2021 Do’s & Don’ts

 Ganga Sagar Mela Do’s & Don’ts DO’S DONT’S Please stand in a queue in Bus Stand/Launch Ghat to avail Bus and Launch. Pay fare as per Government approved Rate. Carry an identity card with the permanent address. Drink pure water from the P.H.E. water supply line/tanks. Use Free Latrines and use water. Follow all signage … Read more


Babughat to Gangasagar by Ship Now, it’s the very easy go-to Gangasagar from Kolkata. Book the Gangasagar cruise service from Kolkata for the purpose of traveling to Gangasagar with online or offline bookings. Tickets can be booked online on the company website – Since the running of the ferry is dependent on a minimum … Read more