Gangasagar Mela 2021 Do’s & Don’ts

 Ganga Sagar Mela Do’s & Don’ts



  • Please stand in a queue in Bus Stand/Launch Ghat to avail Bus and Launch.
  • Pay fare as per Government approved Rate.
  • Carry an identity card with the permanent address.
  • Drink pure water from the P.H.E. water supply line/tanks.
  • Use Free Latrines and use water.
  • Follow all signage and instructions for locating your nearest latrine.
  • Use Dustbins to throw Garbage.
  • Use paper cups and paper carry bags in place of plastic cups and carry bags.
  • Seek assistance from Volunteers whenever needed.
  • Make the Accommodation free from all Garbage.
  • Residential shelters should be kept closed.
  • All ovens should be extinguished totally before closing the licensed hotel/temporary shops.
  • Permission from the Fire Authority is required in case you use gas ovens.
  • Use Mobile Sanitary Toilets.
  • SBI-ATM Counter is also available at Mela ground.
  • Let’s make Gangasagar Mela Eco-friendly.

  • Don’t rush unnecessarily and don’t get Panicked.
  • Don’t believe in Rumours.
  • Traveling on the rooftop, footboards, and back stairs of buses are Strictly Prohibited.
  • Do not consume Adulterated / Rotten Food.
  • Do not use Inflammable articles near Electrical Points.
  • Do not Waste Water.
  • Do not Urinate or Defecate in the open.
  • Do not Litter and don’t allow others to Litter.
  • Do not throw worshipping articles at open places.
  • Do not wash clothes on the Beach.
  • Do not throw Plastic items in open places.
  • Cooking is not allowed inside the Pilgrim Shed.
  • Smoking is Strictly Prohibited within the Shed.
  • No use of fire is allowed in Mela ground.
  • Do not touch any unclaimed bag/ luggage etc. and report the same to an on-duty Police Officer immediately.
  • Don’t give money to unknown people.


Gangasagar Mela 2021 Do’s & Don’ts

Gangasagar Mela 2021 Do’s & Don’ts

Ganga Sagar Mela 2021 

General Guide (for each point) 

Ganga Sagar Mela 2021 has declared itself as “Eco Friendly”. Assist the administration to keep the environment of this fair clean. This fair is for you, me, all of us.  Keep him alive. Avoid using plastic at the fair. Don’t defecate everywhere. Use the permanent and mobile toilets provided by the administration at various places in the fair. Drink safe drinking water. Provided by the Public Health and Technical Department of the Government of West Bengal.  Purified drinking water is available. Collect free drinking water. Do not light fires in fairgrounds and other crowded places. It can be a big danger at any moment. It is a punishable offense to light fires in fairgrounds.  Take advantage of your money, belongings, clothes, bags, mobile, ATM card or other important G.  Be careful.  Don’t miss out on these things to strangers.  Leave your belongings in the custody of a volunteer or police officer with a volunteer badge while bathing. Do not be separated from your peers.  If you are with older people or children, keep them with you.  Put the phone number in the pocket of the shirt and hang the identity card around the neck.  Take a good look at the number of streets where you are.  If you have lost a friend or something in your corner, immediately go to the information center tower.  As a result of endless announcements, you will definitely find your loved ones or lost things.  Do not rush to the jetty.  Wait patiently in line.  Collaborate with volunteers and police and get on the vessel or launch in an orderly manner.  Keep in mind that vessel movement may be temporarily closed due to low tide.  Don’t get too excited, look at the LED screen in front of the information on when the next vessel will be available, and sit quietly and wait.  It is the responsibility of the administration to make everyone cross safely.  Collaborate with the administration and make your pilgrimage safe and successful.  At the request of the pilgrims, do not be unduly confused with the bus, vessel, or launch fare.  The state government will not pay more than the prescribed rent.  Vessel tickets are on sale at Kakdwip Railway Station and at the bus stand at Harvard Point.  The fare list is given at all the important places along the way.  Avoid strangers looking for opportunities along the way.  Always be careful.  This year, Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced life insurance of Rs 5 lakh for every benefactor who comes to this shrine on a holy day.  That is the ultimate goal of the West Bengal government to make your pilgrimage safe, easy, hassle-free, and successful in all respects.

Do’s :-

  • Follow the instructions of the police and volunteers. 
  • Be careful regarding the elderly and the children. Carry some form of identity card or ID Band (issued by the administration) so that chances of getting lost are minimized.
  • Pilgrims group should ensure that the elderly and the children always remain with the group, otherwise, there is a possibility of their getting lost in the crowd. 
  • Keep a discreet watch on co-passengers on your journeys. If you spot anything amiss, inform the nearest police personnel or volunteer. Do not panic or spread rumors. 
  • Call helpline numbers for any assistance.

Dont’s :-

  • Do not hurry during the boarding and de-boarding of trains and vessels. 
  • Do not try to lean heavily on the drop-gates or cross over them, as they may break. 
  • Do not light fires at the Mela ground; this can lead to major mishaps. 
  • Do not accept any food or water from unknown persons. 
  • Do not go into deep water during Holy Bath. 
  • Do not touch any unknown or unclaimed object. 
  • Call the Police helpline number for any assistance.

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