Mythological Story of Gangasagar

Mythological Story of Gangasagar 

GangaSagar, the sacred place of India is primarily important for the temple of Kapil Muni, the great saint who as per the myth was Lord Vishnu. According to the Mythology Kardam Muni had to go through his marital Kardam Muni agreed on this under a condition that Muni wished to Lord Vishnu to have him as his son. To fulfill Muni’s wishes, Lord Vishnu had taken birth on this earth as the son of Debahuti and Kardam Muni. They used to name their son Kapil. Soon the boy completed his education, he became famous for the introduction of the doctrine “Sankhya Philosophy“.Kapil Muni’s

Mythological Story of Gangasagar

Mythological ‘story is related to the story of bringing the holy river Ganga at this place. On the suggestion of the sage Aurva, King Sagara started to perform ‘Ashvamedha Yagna’ which is supposed to be a vehicle to propitiate Lord Hari himself. The sacrificial horses were set out to roam free around the country before closing the “Yagna’. Debraj Indra hid one of the sacrificial horses. With a view to concluding the sacrifice, King Sagara commanded his sixty thousand sons to go, search and locate the lost horse. The sons of Sagara were deluded as Indra (the Lord of the senses) destroyed their sense of discrimination. Finding the horse tied close to the hermitage of sage Kapila, the sons of Sagara started abusing the sage of stealing the horse and in fact wanted to kill him with their


weapons. At this point, the sage opened his eyes and blaze of anger came out of his eye-balls, which burnt King’s sons & consigned their soul into hell instantly. Sagara was very sad at the death of his sons. He wanted to bring back the horse and purify the soul of his sons. Then Raja Sagar sent his grandson Anshuman in search of his 60, 000 sons and the lost horse. He traced his uncles’ footsteps and arrived at Kapil Muni’s Ashram‘. He saw the lost horse and mound of ashes near the hermitage. He brought the horseback from the sage. He also begged him to redeem the soul of the 60,000 sons of King Sagar. Kapil Muni suggested he bring the Ganga on ‘Prithvi” so that her holy water can only give them ‘Mukti’ (emancipation). So King Anshuman and thereafter his son Dilip started to perform ‘Tapasya’ (penance) to bring the Ganga on earth. Neither Anshuman nor his son Dilip was successful

Kapil Muni Ashram

In this task. They died before finishing the ‘Tapasya’. Bhagirath, the son of Dilip and great-grandson of Sagara was determined to get their task done. Vishnu, the preserver when prayed by Bhagiratha agreed to allow the heavenly Ganga issuing from his big toe to come down on earth. Ganga apprehended the devastation of the earth by the pressure of her flow. Only Shiva’s powerful hair could control the force of Ganga. Bhagiratha requested Shiva to help him. As soon as Ganga flowed down, Lord Shiva collected her water in his hair in the form of many small streams. Ganga then followed Bhagiratha to the place where the ashes of his ancestors were lying. Holy water flowed on and purified the ashes of Bhagiratha’s ancestors. Thereafter Ganga is also called ‘Bhagirathi’ after the name of Bhagiratha. The ocean becomes popular as ‘Sagar’ after the name of King Sagara. This island as the estuarine of Sagara and Ganga comes to be known as “Sagardwip“.

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