Mythological Story of Gangasagar (Sagardwip)


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Story of Gangasagar 

Lord Vishnu was pleased to bless Maharshi Kardam, father of Sage Kapila.

To fulfill Kardam Munl’s wishes, Lord Vishnu took birth as Kapil Muni on this earth as the son of Debahuti and Kardam Muni.

Sage Kapila’s performing Meditation.

On the suggestion of the Sage Aurva, King Sagara started to perform Ashvamedha Yagna’.

Debraj Indra hid one of the sacrificial horses.
Ganga Sagar ki Kahani

Sixty thousand sons of King Sagara found the missing horse tied close to the hermitage of sage Kapila and started abusing the sage for stealing the horse

Sage Kapila opened his eyes and blaze of anger came out of his eye-balls, which burnt the king’s sons & consigned their souls into hell instantly.
Anshuman, grandson of King Sagara begged to Sage Kapila for redeeming the soul of the 60,000 sons of King Sagara.
Bramha, Vishnu, and Maheshwar (Shiva), when prayed to by Bhagiratha, agreed to allow the heavenly Ganga to come down to earth.
As soon as Ganga flowed down, Lord Shiva collected her water in his hair in the form of many small streams.
The holy water of Ganga flowed on and purified the ashes of Bhagiratha’s ancestors.
Kapil Muni Ashram” in the estuary of Sagara and Ganga.

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