Naga Sadhu at Gangasagar Mela (Naga Sadhu life)

Naga Sanyasi

Naga Baba


                                      Naga Baba or Naga Samadhi, in a real sense, ‘Nude Yogi’ means a part of the Shaivite Sadhus. Their physical appearance of ash-covered bodies and matted dreadlocks resembling Lord Shiva comes from being Shaivites or followers of Lord Shiva. They take vows of celibacy, leave social norms, and live in the Himalayas. Having control of their basic intentions by spreading under their heads, having the ability to stay cool without the cover, makes Naga Baba a very respected group of saints. Naga Baba did not agree so much at night and went to different levels, to become the father of Naga Baba, to leave the final state from initiation. The life of the Naga lifestyle is thought to be about to return to the tertiary era established by Dattatreya, but they were assembled by Adi Shankaracharya. They are sometimes called ‘Warrior Volunteers’ and are considered to be the ultimate laborers of Hindu traditional religion. Even today Naga Baba gets a train on the train.
Naga Sadhus at Gangasagar:-  
                                                                                  Gangasagar Mela is an important event for Naga Baba’s because it is the only time when he comes down from the Himalayas. There is a time when there is a time when the initiation ceremony of saints is held in the house. Because of the state of pursuing austerities and knowledge they followed, Naga Sadhus earned the respectable rights to take the first holy landing during the devastation. The entire schedule of every Kunalpanthi is designed in such a way that Naga Baba always bathed in the holy water of the Ganges, Godavari, Jamuna, and Shipra.
Naga Sadhu
                                 Naga Sadhus ‘Akhtar’ part, or a camp. Naga Saints can be any of Shaivit Akhtar – Zuna Akhoro is considered to be the oldest and most lasting person, which includes Naga Baba and several saints and saints.
                             They often show smoking marijuana using ‘Chilean’. Media and fair participants are passionate about Naga Baba’s, and many love their attention too. There is the ‘Rudraksha wale baba’ who wears a huge 20-25-kilogram headpiece made of rudraksha beads; the ‘Jata wale baba’ who has grown hair on his head as well as a beard extremely long to put on display. ‘Goggle wale baba’ always sunglasses don; And ‘Nails wale baba’ who have cut their nails in a really long time, among others.
Naga Sanyasi


                1. Women should not touch sadhus while taking blessings.
              2. If you do not give permission to take pictures of the babas, do not take pictures, some of them may think it’s offensive.
             3. Most babas are happy to take pictures when you ask for permission, but they sometimes ask for some money. Make sure that you get multiple babas together so that you can not pay each other separately.
             4. Some babas are not interested in money. So no amount of coke helps to get their pictures.
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